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"Experiencing new cultures, travelling and connecting with creatives around the world is what drives me - Collaborating, inspiring others and building creative platforms is what we do best." 

- Terry Guy, Founder & CEO



Is Monorex looking for Artists? Always! Here at Monorex one of our daily tasks is to hunt talent around the world. Every month we add new recruits to our ever-expanding artists deck, which then gets taken to meetings with clients to see who fits. If you feel you offer something different to what we already have, get in touch!

Can I have a full time job at HQ? At Monorex we aim to keep our core team small but that does not mean we are not always on the lookout for exciting fresh talent.

Does Monorex take on interns? Yes, We run a small and very intense 4-6 week rotation programs for 2-3 interns at a time in business and design. We hope to inspire the next generation of young upstarts and try where possible to pass on all golden nuggets of knowledge we have learnt over the years.

Can you send me some stickers and pens or general goodies? We would love to! But this is depending on stock levels etc etc, but please do say hi and we will send out what we can find on the desks at HQ.

Does Monorex work with non-represented Artists? Yes. Quite often a commission leaves room to bring more people into a project. This is normally the perfect opportunity to show us what you are all about and impress a few people in the Monorex family.

Can I ask you questions for my university projects? Anytime, Monorex has been used in countless amounts of case studies and modules for students in the past and where possible we will try to reply with good answers to any questions you may have for us .

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